APPO Medical Mission 2014

Report on 2014 Association of Philippine- American Physicians in Ohio Foundation Medical Surgical Mission

Location: Daet, Camarines Norte
Date: January 19-24,2014
Reported by: Armando B. Damian,M.D.,FACS & Carmencita (Menchie) C. Damian, MD

The 2014 APPO medical mission to Daet, Camarines Norte scored 2 firsts:

  • First ever to serve over 10,000 patients
  • First ever (major part of the mission) to be held at a private hospital

The 2014 Daet-Camarines Norte mission helped numerous indigent adults and children In the last several months of 2013 we had to change our venues twice due to reasons beyond our control . However Daet was always the second half of the mission . We concentrated our preparation and efforts to Daet as the sole venue. After much preparation the team arrived Daet on January 19, Sunday aboard 2 chartered buses. The Surgical team worked at the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and the medical OPD was at the gymnasium of the Our Lady of Lourdes College and 2 other remote sites, Labo and J. Panganiban, Camarines Norte.

Our local sponsors were Vice Mayor Noel a�?Ahlonga�? Ong and the Ong family headed by the indefatigable husband and wife team of Drs, Kelly Salvador and Dr Susannah Ong- Salvador , Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital owned and operated by the Palencia family and Congresswoman Catherine Barcelona Reyes and family. There were other local organizations who volunteered their services. They were all very helpful, generous and grateful for all the charitable work we did.

PNAO leaders Agripina de Leon and Bessie Schiroky,RN conducted ” Balik-Turo” lectures with more than 200 attendees on Jan. 23, 2013 titled “PNAA Outreach: Building Global Collaboration Through Shared Experiences” held in Our Lady of Lourdes College Foundation Auditorium in Daet, Camarines Norte. Their heartfelt thanks go to the Balik-Turo local coordinator, Dr. Susannah Ong-Salvador and our host, Dean Irene Yebra, RN. MSN. Snacks for attendees were funded by PNA Ohio Foundation.

The interaction and the camaraderie between our team members, the hospital staff, OPD personnel and local volunteers was palpable. Everyone was kept busy by work to be done.

Everyone was happy for the tremendous amount of opportunity to give back and serve the needy. Our mission was well run and went very well.


The APPO and local physicians, Nurses, Allied Health and Volunteers performed:

OPD Cases

Daet (Jan 20-23,2014) ————————— 3,450

Labo ( Jan 20 & 21,2014) ———————– 2,890 +1,838 =4,728

J. Panganiban ( JAN 22,2014) —————–1,964

TOTAL: 10,142


Daet :

January 20,2014 —————————– 10

January 21,2014 —————————– 13

January 22,2014 —————————–16

January 23,2014 —————————–17



Daet :

January 20,2014 —————————– 41

January 21,2014 —————————– 50

January 22,2014 —————————– 41

January 23,2014 —————————– 40

TOTAL: 172

Respectfully submitted:
Armando B. Damian,M.D.,FACS Carmencita (Menchie) C. Damian,MD
Chairman APPO Medical Surgical Mission Overall Coordinator APPO Mission

APPO Mission Team Daet, Camarines Norte

69 Members

Surgery (10)
  1. Agliam, Aquil,MD (Genera)l)
  2. Ang, Brian,MD (Plastic Surgery)
  3. Carandang, Celso, MD (General and Oncology)
  4. Damian, Armando ,MD (General and Vascular) APPO CHAIRMAN
  5. Diaz, Romeo ,MD (General and Oncology) APPO CO-CHAIRMAN
  6. Madlangbayan, Rico,MD (Urology)
  7. Ortega, Bienvenido ,MD (Neurosurgery)
  8. Pantangco, Irineo Jr ,MD (ENT)
  9. Tongson, Virgilio ,MD (General)
  10. Villanueva, Ronald ,MD (General)
OB-Gyn (1)
  1. Baum, Margaret, MD
Anesthesiology (5)
  1. Ostman, Zenaida, MD
  2. Pantangco, Linda , MD
  3. Barios,Don, MD
  4. A�Sasin, John, MD
  5. Lopesura Ma. Teresa, MD
Medicine (14)
  1. Barcelona-Reyes, Catherine, MD, CONGRESSWOMAN
  2. Castaneda,Juanita, MD
  3. Carandang, Rosemelinda, MD
  4. Damian, Carmencita, MD APPO OVERALL COORDINATOR
  5. Jandi, Jorge, MD APPO CO- CHAIRMAN
  6. Jandi, Zenaida, MD APPO CO- CHAIRMAN
  7. Gjeltema, Kenneth, MD
  8. Madrilejos, Tomas,MD
  9. Ong-Salvador, Susannah, MD ,DAET MISSION COORDINATOR
  10. Retizos, Nelin, MD
  11. Salvador, Kelly, MD DAET MISSION CHAIRMAN
  12. Soto, Susan, MD
  13. Santos, Rufino, MD
  14. Villanueva, Rosita , MD (Peds)
OB-Gyn Resident (1)
  1. Hobby, James, MD
Nurses (18)
  1. Aniban, Esprit, RN
  2. Bangayan, Ofelia, RN
  3. Cantina, Antonnete, RN
  4. Castaneda, Irene, RN
  5. de Leon, Agripina, RN, NURSING COORDINATOR
  6. Diaz, Rosemarie, RN
  7. Guzman, Thelma, RN
  8. Hernandez, Cristina, RN
  9. Madrilejos, Alice, RN
  10. Olaes, Merceditas, RN
  11. Ortega, Thelma, RN
  12. Rodriguez, Melanie, RN
  13. Pascual,Claire, RN
  14. Schiroky, Bessie, RN
  15. Suguitan, Charmaine, RN
  16. Taylor, Maryann, RN
  17. Tongson, Marilyn, RN
  18. Vasallo, Cyndi, RN
Medical Technology (2)
  1. Salazar, Zenaida
  2. Viray, Fely
Allied Health and Volunteers (18)
  1. Agliam, Salve
  2. Arcinas, Grace
  3. Balonek, Myrna
  4. Barnett, Lorraine
  5. Carandang, Amor
  6. Cipriano, Ma. Cristina
  7. Cruz, Vener
  8. Garcia, Esther
  9. Madamba, Leyte
  10. Mascarina, Imelda
  11. Pascual, Marites
  12. Red, Mila
  13. Rodriguez, Rafael
  14. Six, Toon
  15. Veneracion, Elvira
  16. Vinas, Oscar
  17. Yu, Damiana
  18. Zoleta, Carlito

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