One of the primary goals of is to unite the various Filipino-American organizations in Ohio towards a common goal of promoting the Filipino culture, protecting it’s welfare, civic involvement, and promote cooperation & relations with other cultural/social organizations.


PASO (Philippine-American Society of Ohio) was established in 1967 and is considered the first Filipino-American organization in Ohio. Since then, it has fostered and developed close relationships with APPO (Association of Philippine Physicians of Ohio), PAM (Philippine American Ministry of Ohio), PNAO (Philippine Nurses Association of Ohio), FAMSO (Filipino-American Millenial Society of Ohio), and KOR (The order of Knights of Rizal – Cleveland Chapter).

Each of these organization have their own members, by-laws, objectives, goals, and directions. And by working together, we become stronger and united in achieving our common goals.

We are aware that there might be other organizations that we are not aware of. So, we continue to strive to reach out to all of them in the hopes of working together. If you are aware of other Filipino-American organizations, contact us so that we may establish relations and grow our family.



Interesting Facts

  • Majority of the initial Filipino immigrants in Ohio were doctors.