Welcome from the Chairman of the Board!

This was made possible through the efforts of Jorge Jandi who unrelentingly pursued this dream. We hope that through technology, we will be able to reach out, and vise versa, to people who are interested in joining our organization or want to know what is going on in the Filipino-American community in general. We also hope that in time, we will be able to partner with other organizations so that PASO will be visible internationally.

We are in an era of electronic information management and the time for PASO to get into the system is now.

Dr. Armando Damian

Chairman of the Board, PASO

A Brief History of PASO

The Philippine American Society of Ohio was established in 1967 and was originally named PANO (Philippine American Society of Northeast Ohio.) The original president was Dr. Victor Vitug, who is now deceased. In 1969, the organization was renamed PASO (Philippine American Society of Ohio) in order to include members outside of Northeast Ohio.

In 1997, after years of fund raising drives and hard work by many of the organizations officers, especially Dr. Juliet So-Bosita, enough funds were saved to pay in full for the construction of the Philippine American Cultural and Civic Center. It opened in June 28 of the same year. The center is located on 5.6 acres of property in Parma initially purchased in 1988 under the presidency of Dr. Modesto Peralta. Through the years, it has served the community as viable and exciting venue for various events and occasions.

Visit your Philippine-American Cultural and Civic Center page for more information.

PASO Code of Regulations

Click here to view the PASO Code of Regulations


  • PASO is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote and protect the welfare of its members, the Philippine-American Community, and the Asian-American Community in Northeast Ohio
  • To cultivate the continuation of Philippine culture among its members
  • To promote civic involvement between the Philippine-American community and local, state, and Federal governments
  • To promote cooperation and relations between the Corporation and other local, state, and national Philippine and Asian-American organizations

Interesting Facts

  • The term of office for the president and the board members is two years.
  • Initially, the number of board members elected were 20 but later was decreased to 16.