APPO Auxiliary Fashion Show Nov. 4,2012

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APPO would like to thank the APPO Auxiliary led by Cancio Castro, President of the Auxiliary and the organizers of this very fashionable event. The chairs included Aimee Castro, Fely Bangayan, and Marcie Sioson. The emcees Bing Jugilon and Michelle Bangayan did a wonderful job! Most of the gowns were borrowed from Marcy Sioson and featured prominent Filipino designer gowns. All the models were family, friends and children of APPO.A� Thanks again to the Auxiliary to help raise for the medical mission in 2013

IMG_6736IMG_6731A� IMG_6730 IMG_6729 IMG_6716 IMG_6715 IMG_6714 IMG_6710 IMG_6709 IMG_6707 IMG_6702 IMG_6698 IMG_6696 IMG_6694 IMG_6693 IMG_6691 IMG_6690 IMG_6687 IMG_6686 IMG_6686 IMG_6684 IMG_6682 IMG_6680 IMG_6679 IMG_6678 IMG_6669 IMG_6667 IMG_6666 IMG_6660 IMG_6658 IMG_6657 IMG_6654 IMG_6652 IMG_6651 IMG_6650 IMG_6649 IMG_6645 IMG_6644 IMG_6644 IMG_6642 IMG_6641 IMG_6641 IMG_6637 IMG_6636 IMG_6635 IMG_6635 IMG_6629 IMG_6628 IMG_6627 IMG_6626 IMG_6624 IMG_6622 IMG_6620 IMG_6622 IMG_6621 IMG_6619 IMG_6611 IMG_6609 IMG_6607 IMG_6606 IMG_6607 IMG_6605 IMG_6604 IMG_6603 IMG_6601 IMG_6600 IMG_6599 IMG_6597 IMG_6596 IMG_6595 IMG_6593 IMG_6592 IMG_6591 IMG_6589 IMG_6588 IMG_6585 IMG_6584 IMG_6582 IMG_6581 IMG_6580 IMG_6579 IMG_6577 IMG_6576 IMG_6575 IMG_6573 IMG_6572 IMG_6571 IMG_6570 IMG_6568 IMG_6567 IMG_6565 IMG_6564 IMG_6574 IMG_6572 IMG_6571 IMG_6570 IMG_6564 IMG_6560 IMG_6567 IMG_6565 IMG_6563 IMG_6561 IMG_6558 IMG_6557 IMG_6556 IMG_6552 IMG_6551 IMG_6550 IMG_6549IMG_6549IMG_6549IMG_6549IMG_6550 IMG_6558 IMG_6557 IMG_6556 IMG_6552 IMG_6551IMG_6557

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