APPO Medical/Surgical Mission June 26-30,2023

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Date: June 26-30,2023

Location: Talisay, Philippines (Province Batangas) ~ 2 hours drive from the city of Manila

Mission Organizers for APPO: Jessica Strasburg, MD (Medical Coordinator)

We are back from a 3 year hiatus due to Covid. We are busy planning a medical mission and non-medical humanitarian project with our partner Gawad Kalinga!

We need physicians, NPs, dentists, podiatrists, nurses for adult and pediatric medical clinic and also will be providing minor surgeries with local anesthesia only. No major surgeries will provided.

For the humanitarian projects, we will be working with Gawad Kalinga and the City of Talisay to help 140 families displaced by natural disasters. This is a perfect activity for kids and adults!

Plan to meet in Manila Sunday June 25, 2023 and take a bus to Talisay City and we will have a special excursion on Friday June 30, 2023 and drive back to Manila the same day.

Volunteers will be responsible for their flight to the Philippines and any travel plans outside of the mission dates. Please check for overseas travel recommendations and vaccinations for the Philippines. The Covid vaccine is strongly recommended but not required. Please plan to attend the whole time to bond with other missioners.

NOTE: We need several forms to apply for temporary licensing through the Philippine Medical Association so please email me right away BEFORE Feb 28, 2023 if interested. Email me at

Jessica Strasburg, MD, APPO President and Medical Mission Organizer 2023

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